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Clearing The Space For Love

During my recent move, my family and I downsized. It was quite the challenge to let go of the many things my husband and I had collected over the 16 years we have been together. However, when it was time to let it go, after the initial separation anxiety, I realized that it was just stuff. Stuff that I had assigned meaning to. The more stuff I accumulated, the more cluttered and disorganized my home became. I was constantly cleaning, trying to put things back in their place, but they always found their way back out again.

I started to wonder how much emotional stuff had I collected in our relationship. What stuff was I carrying around that was getting in the way of enjoying every moment together. In any relationship, things happen that cause some emotional charge. These things are assigned meaning and are not easy to forget. In fact, they get recorded and placed in our emotional storage closet in case we need it for future reference. Well, just like physical stuff, emotional stuff stacks up and clutters our minds. In fact, we keep building on our past experiences with each new experience that reminds us of what we are holding on to. This causes an overflow of clutter and disorganization within ourselves. Each time our emotional stuff flares up, we try desperately to stuff it back into a place where it can’t be seen, but rest assured it will pop up again.

I remember when I first started looking for a new place to live. I passed up several small spaces that I loved because I was looking for a bigger space to fit all of our stuff. I realized that our stuff needed more space than we did. Because I was invested in holding on to my stuff, I was not open to making a different choice for my family. It was not until I decided to let go of my stuff that new possibilities opened up for me. The same is true for the emotional stuff you hold on to. It does not allow you the freedoms and opportunities that are possible for your relationship and life. Your emotional stuff is blocking the space for something new to open up for you. When you learn to let go, your relationship becomes new again. Without clutter blocking your vision, you will begin to enjoy your experiences in a loving space as they occur.

So my challenge for you is to start cleaning up your emotional stuff and letting it go. When you do this, you open your relationship up to a world of new possibilities.

Until next time, I leave you In Love.

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