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It's Not You. It's Me

You will receive a lot of advice on love, but the only truth about love is that it comes from within and therefore you must love yourself before you can love another. You have or will experience feelings of love for someone else. It feels magical and dreamy. It makes you want to take care of yourself in a different way—paying more attention to the details of your hair, face, nails, body, the clothes you wear, the way you walk, and so much more. You want to spend your waking hours thinking about, spending time with, texting, and face timing the object of your affection. For a season, your whole life will be about this love you are feeling.

I want you to be clear that this love, that makes you feel warm and giddy inside, is not coming from the other—it is coming from you. The other person only triggered this love that you always had inside. You are love. When you believe your love is attached to someone outside of yourself, you will experience rejection and disappointment because the other person cannot possibly provide you with the type of response you need. This is why when your love is directed outward before it is directed inward, it dissipates over time. You have defined it to be something it is not.

We believe that it is much easier to love another than it is to love ourselves, but because we are love, all we need is to access who we are. I am here to tell you that the same energy and focus that goes into loving another is what you need to love yourself. How often do you pay attention to your details when you do not believe someone else will notice? How often do you think about yourself in a loving way and know that you are enough? How often do you spend your day with your self—excited to get to know yourself better and excited to explore deeper depths of the relationship with yourself?

So when I suggest to you to make a habit of meditation, exercise, a proper diet and adequate sleep, please do not receive it like a prison sentence. When I then ask that you engage in something you enjoy each day, do not act like it is another burden you must carry. These are all acts of love for yourself. It is time to love yourself fully and not wait for an external object to trigger what you can trigger on your own. Once you are truly in love with yourself, you can then expand your love to someone else.

Until next time, I leave you IN LOVE.

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